Firehouse Subs Menu Nutrition: Savor Healthier Choices!

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Firehouse Subs Menu Nutrition – A Guide to Healthy Choices

Welcome to the flavorful world of Firehouse Subs! Eating healthy is super important. We want to show you how you can do it at Firehouse Subs. Let’s explore their menu together.

Firehouse Subs Menu Nutrition: Savor Healthier Choices!


What Makes Firehouse Subs Unique?

Firehouse Subs is special because they serve hearty and tasty sandwiches. They also give back to their community. That makes them stand out.

Understanding Nutrition

Nutrition is all about the stuff in our food that helps us stay healthy and grow. Things like proteins, carbs, and fats are part of it. Also, vitamins and minerals too! We need to know what’s in our food to eat right.

Table Of Nutritional Values

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Sub Name Calories Protein (g) Carbs (g) Fat (g)
Hook & Ladder 720 52 50 40
Italian 780 36 78 42
Turkey Bacon Ranch 720 56 58 30

Making Healthy Choices

Always pick subs with lots of veggies and lean meats. Try to cut down on sauces that have a lot of fat. Now we’ll go over some tips!

  • Choose smaller sizes: You can still enjoy your favorite sub but without eating too much.
  • Look for the ‘Under 500 Calories’: These are subs with less than 500 calories. They are better for you!
  • Boost your veggies: More veggies mean more vitamins and less hungry tummies.
Firehouse Subs Menu Nutrition: Savor Healthier Choices!


Calorie-Smart Sub Options

Firehouse Subs has some great choices that have fewer calories. That’s awesome if you want to eat lighter. Here are a few:

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Sub Name Calories
Small Turkey Sub 330
Small Veggie Sub 430

Tasty and Nutritious Kids’ Choices

Even kids can find yummy and healthy stuff at Firehouse Subs. Check out the kids’ menu. They can get smaller subs made just for them. Look at these choices!

  • Turkey Breast: It’s a protein punch without the extra fat!
  • Grilled Cheese: A classic, but watch out for the fat.

Hydration Is Key

Don’t forget to drink water! It’s vital for your health. At Firehouse Subs, you can get water or low-cal drinks. They are way better than sugary sodas.

Tips for Customizing Your Sub

Here’s the fun part! You can build your own sub. Remember these tips for a healthier choice:

  • Skip the cheese: Cheese has a lot of fat, so maybe you don’t need it.
  • Mustard over mayo: Mustard is lower in calories and fat than mayo.
  • Whole grain bread: This bread has more nutrients and fiber.

The Final Bite

To wrap it up (like a tasty sub), Firehouse Subs offers many delicious, healthy options. Just remember to look at the nutrition facts. And don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Eating at Firehouse Subs can be both yummy and good for you!

If you want to learn more about Firehouse Subs or their nutrition info, visit their official website. You’ll find everything you need there!

Frequently Asked Questions For Firehouse Subs Menu Nutrition: Savor Healthier Choices!

What’s In A Firehouse Subs Hook & Ladder?

The Hook & Ladder sub contains smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, Monterey Jack, served fully involved with mayo, deli mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a kosher dill pickle on the side.

Are Firehouse Subs Salads Keto-friendly?

Select Firehouse Salads can be keto-friendly when ordered without croutons or dressings high in carbs; consider the Italian with Grilled Chicken, for example.

How Many Calories In A Firehouse Meatball Sub?

A medium Firehouse Meatball Sub has approximately 860 calories, with cheese and marinara included.

Does Firehouse Subs Offer Gluten-free Options?

Firehouse Subs doesn’t offer gluten-free bread, but you can order any sandwich “salad-style” as a lettuce-wrapped alternative.

What Is Firehouse Subs’ Healthiest Sub Choice?

The Turkey Salsa Verde Sub is the healthiest option, featuring smoked turkey breast, pepper jack cheese, salsa verde sauce, and loaded with veggies.

Can I Customize My Sub For Fewer Calories?

Yes, you can customize your Firehouse Sub by choosing smaller sizes, opting for lower-calorie bread, and skipping calorie-dense condiments and add-ons.


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